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Nicola Janse van Rensburg

She Writes, Dreams and Runs

A corporate escapee, she left her stable job to pursue her passion for creating her own rules. 

Her craftiness with words and ability to see the full story of a brand kept her eye keen to where brands had gaps in their storytelling. 

Nicola believes that branding is about story telling, and the creative spark in her eye and business-savvy create the perfect branding and social media expertise.

Nevermind long, romantic strolls on the beach, she runs...for fun, everywhere.  

The Team: About Me

 Nicolette Human

Graphic Designer

Have you ever met someone that makes you feel as though you are laying in a field of lilies? Nicolette is kind-hearted with a  passion for creating. Her biggest source of inspiration comes from nature. 

Her natural ability to create leads to incredible designs because she is never too limited to think of something different. 

Also, talking about bending over backward for our clients, she is also a gymnast, so she could also literally bend over backward. 

The Team: About Me
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